Monday, September 06, 2004

abstract thoughts

Morning Rituals Woman & I are now gitting up at 6:00 AM so we can get to the breakfast service by 9:00 AM. The Senior Coupon breakfast special ends at 9:00 AM sharp and O'Frank the Chef makes no exceptions.

I git up first and start the morning routine off with a episode in the comfort station, do a quick shower, and start the dressing activity. While I am gitting dressed the woman takes over the comfort station and starts her grooming process. After she locates all the containers, jars, tubes, brushes, ointments and de wrinkling creams the real tasking starts. I have learned to get dressed and slip into my shoes with out wearing my glasses. This vision problem I have is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

The woman will begin her morning ritual with applying some sort of goop all over her face and neck. While this goop is doing whatever it is supposed to do, she attends to her hair with a brushing and blowing activity. Then the goop has to be removed, this will consume two wash cloths and a towel. She then begins applying a colored substance to her eye lids. This is a real task. She then starts applying another skin colored substance with a handy little tool that reminds me of a trowel. Once this substance is applied she applies another pinkish dusting to her cheeks being careful not to disturb the previous colors around the eyes. As you know the woman also has a problem with her vision and I had to install special 150 watt spot lights built into the ceiling and a custom made magnification mirror placed so she could see more better do all this adornment with some degree of accuracy.

My situation is I will not put my glasses on until she has recovered herself into some sort of a presentable viewing. It is bad enough that I have to view my reflection in the mirror when I am shaving! All of this takes valuable time and when I finally git the comfort station back I have to locate my glasses, my new hearing apparatus, insert the batteries therein, insert the apparatus into my ears, locate my teeth, comb my hair and then lurch out to the garage and start the processes to start the car, open the garage door and while I am doing this the woman is feeding the 3 cats and Leo. Then SfB has to have its insulin shot. We usually make it to the breakfast eatery 'bout 10 minutes before the shut off time. This is very stressful and when we return home I am ready for a nap.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

abstract thoughts

abstract thoughts: "Another day. A Saturday yet, I Awoke, groomed, dressed and preparing to go do breakfast. Weather has cooled down.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Another day. Awoke, groomed, dressed, did breakfast and planing a nap.